Helsingborg Design LAB expands front-end team – Welcome Oskar Jönsson

Do you think that the custom CSS editor in the WordPress customizer is a hassle? Do you want to just add some CSS or JavaScript to your website without having to use a slow FTP-client? Or do you want to be able to work together with other people when making design changes to a website?

Everyone knows that working with scripts, CSS and Javascript can really be a pain if you are not a developer or you might not have the full skillset to edit your themes style.css file. You might want to fix a small bug in your CSS or maybe speed up your development workflow and do testing while you are working with a client?

Today we will review a plugin called Generation Editor for CSS & JS that we stumbled over which is developed by The Generation, a leading WordPress Agency in Sweden.

Let’s get started

We found the perfect plugin! Generation Editor is a fully-featured CSS and JavaScript editor built with custom post types that are tightly integrated with the WordPress coding framework.

Create minified CSS and JavaScript-files for your website in minutes and don’t worry if you happen to overwrite your own design changes. You can easily go back in time with the built-in support for WordPress revisions.