Helsingborg Design LAB has more and more gone over to building SAAS applications and later turning them into businesses or profitable projects. Over the past few months, we have been working on our internal Workforce platform that works the way we want it to! As we have a ”open workspace first” model we have a lot of remote team members and to be able to know when people are available and not we needed a simple way to know this and therefore we stated ”HDL Hubforce”

Hubforce is an internal communication platform for management to be able to get info out to everyone in the team, it is also a platform for workforce management. Here everyone in the team can see when someone is available and not. The idea here is to make remote work less tedious and give everyone a clear image if someone is on leave and or if that person is available.

Hubforce is also a platform that will integrate to slack, google/outlook calendar and Hubstaff. So that updating and keeping the information updated is streamlined into the platform so when Management or HR checks and follows up we can see a clear image of how many resources we have online, when people will be on leave or not.