Let us present our Business Developer Hampus, he sits here with us at Helsingborg Design LAB and works as a Business Developer for JS Security. Hampus develops and evaluates business strategies and develops proposals for new approaches and analyzes of the market. He started here in February after a few years in the Armed Forces in Stockholm in command support systems.

Tell us a little about yourself! Who are you and what do you do on your free time?  

I always think questions like this are difficult, but I give it a try. To best describe myself, I would say that I like to have a lot of balls in the air at the same time as, I like to try to be the best and know most of everything I get into and on that I am a competition person!

I love everything that has to do with tech and gadgets in all it’s extent and try to keep up with that development as best as possible. I also dream of having a Staffordshire Terrier and a fully automated apartment sometime in the future.

On a day off I like to hang out at the gym, play American Football or play computer games and just relax.


What does a normal working day look like for you? 

A normal working day? Hmm, I would not say that there is a go-to day in itself, there are always things from different directions, but that’s how I enjoy working, having the opportunities to prioritize and do different things every day. One day you check spreadsheets and the other day you help and create an information clip or PM that is sent out on the Cision page, that’s how I prefer to work and really feel that I have ended up in the right place here at JS!


Let’s do three wuick questions with our Business Developer Hampus! 

Greek or Italian for lunch? Must be Greek for me, a really good Gyros or Souvlaki with French fries and tzatziki just screams childhood nostalgia for me!

Stockholm or Helsingborg? I can’t choose, because both has their benefits! Thrived in Stockholm and everyone I got to know up here but in the end I can spend more time with dad, mom and my little sister who live in Helsingborg. Not to mention all my old friends so it will be Helsingborg in the end!

Summer/Winter? Winter, but only if there is snow left on the ground! If it’s sloppy, I take summer every day.


If you want to get in touch with Hampus you do it easiest here!