Let us introduce HDL’s Administrative Secretary Michelle! Her main focus is order management, content to social medias and accounting.

Tell us a little about yourself! Who is Michelle and what do you do on your free time? 

I’m a positive, happy and social girl of 21 year from Helsingborg. I graduated from high school 2019 and quickly started working for Sunread/Helsingborg Design LAB where I worked for almost two years before I started my bachelor’s degree in the beginning of 2022 in Stockholm. With a lot of focus on the study and school, I try to work as much as possible.

On my free time when I don’t have so much to study, I like to go home from the big city to beautiful Helsingborg to see friends, family and get some work done. I like to go on long walks, train and do fun things in my everyday life like eat at new restaurants for example. I’m also very interested in Formula 1 so I spend a lot of time on that too. I’ve always been a creative girl and I have had a blog since young age that I blog about fashion and my everyday life. I spend some time on social medias too where I find a lot of inspiration.


How does a normal day at work look like for you as HDL’s Administrative Secretary?

My working days are never the same. During the high season, there is a lot of focus on product and order management, which can be quite hectic but at the same time very fun. Other days can consist product and model photography for content but also to our site. Other standard tastes are updating och instagram and accounting.


Let’s do three quick questions with our Administrative Secretary Michelle!

Home evening/night out? – Hmm, difficult question! Would say that it depends on the season.. now I would probably say night out!

Sun holiday/ski holiday? – Sun holiday!


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